"From elegant antique villas, to farmhouses and apartments, situated throughout Lucca, Tuscany and Italy, our site will help you to find the perfect home for your dream vacation by including many photos and details for each property".

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Ciao, I’m Luisa… born in Lucca and a “DOCG” Tuscan! Italy’s cultural traditions of art, music, food and wine, family and friends belong to my DNA genetic code. Many people refer to me as the “Renaissance Woman” given the variety of both professional and personal activities I have dabbled in during my life.

The latest being, the “Appointed Manager” of a collection of properties in Tuscany, Italy owned by dear Friends who have no time or experience in dealing with an international public of travelers interested and eager to “live the Italian experience” in a rental accommodation. With decades of experience as an interior designer, I also once owned a company that produced silk textiles on hand wooden looms.

A person’s home is always the perfect setting of hospitality that conveys a welcoming ambiance..which brings us to the topic of food and wine. I’m a member of the Italian Academy of Cooking, founded in Milan in 1953 at the dinner table with a group of friends whose task is to safeguard and promote the traditions of the Italian cuisine.

Our Italian cuisine expresses who we are, permits us to rediscover our roots and it represents us throughout the world. Needless to say I love to cook and dine with Family and Friends.

As the Italians say, there’s no food without wine and no wine without food, so I couldn’t help but become a certified Court Master Sommelier. May I hasten to add, Lucca is also world reknown for its exceptional DOP extra virgin olive oil. Last but not least, I’m a passionate vocalist in a traditional Lucca choir and organize regularly musical events at my home and in Villas for guests during their sojourns.

The world famous composer Giacomo Puccini was born in Lucca and his operas – La Tosca, Madame Butterfly, La Boheme, Turandot and others are performed throughout the annual Puccini Festivals. I look forward to assisting you in selecting the perfect holiday accommodation in “my” ever-so-strategic Lucca, Tuscany.

With a toast to “DOLCE FAR NIENTE” under the Tuscan sun!

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"Our selections offer the perfect combination of comfort and luxury. Choose from a variety of locations: near the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, the peaks of the Alpe Alpuane, or the rolling hills - dotted with olive and cypress trees."